Amps for Toast
Back cover drawing from the Beef/Dryer split 7" record on Tramp.
More Beef. This time with the correct colors. The photo is South Berkeley in the early 70s (not UCB Southside)
The Sixfifteens
NEW! T-shirt design for the porridge of punk angst from Saratoga Springs, NY. Visit the 615s Site.
NEW! The pink elephant star of the forthcoming Stupidpages comic book project by Jason Martin and myself.
When Jawbreaker played on my birthday, I got to do the poster art.
 Total Puke
More art for Beef. From the "Champagne of Bands CD.
The Yeti
Still more art for Beef.
 Milk Carton Kids
The missing kids from Wow Cool promo art. As seen on the AC opening page. inks by Al Columbia
number 7
A preview version of the cover for my upcoming comic book. The image also doubled as a poster for the band Beef.
Johnny Cash
Cover art for the first Beef 7". As seen in Entertainment Weekly
Monroe Simmons
Sam Henderson's character, rendered for the contents page of the Rolling Stone parody issue of Zero Zero.
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All art Copyright 1997-2004 Marc Arsenault
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