Marc Arsenault
Brooklyn, NY
Knoxville, TN


Tiger Claw - Freemont, CA/Knoxville, TN
November, 2002 - present
Art Director

Blass Communications - Old Chatham, NY
October, 1999 - April 2002
Internet & Technology Specialist/Graphic Artist

Computer Currents (eight region computer magazine) - Berkeley, CA
August 1997 - September 1998
Senior Advertising Designer

Fantagraphics Books, Inc. (comic/art publisher) - Seattle, WA
Jan 1996 - Sep 1997

Senior Art Director (Purchasing, hiring, book design, supervised staff of six, systems management)
Achievements: Created font book, standardized logo and corporate identity, organized creation of company web site, redesigned 64-page mail-order catalog to include increased stock, streamlined art department's physical layout, initiated advertising traffic system, improved color management throughout production process.

Tundra Publishing, Ltd. - Northampton, MA (Company now defunct)
March 1991 - April 1993
Assistant Art Director/Editor

Wow Cool (small press) - Troy, NY
Jan 1988 - present
Production manager, graphic designer, editor, owner.


General Design
Full range of experience creating art for reproduction - from basic cut-and-paste to producing multi-layered, key-lined mechanicals for four-color printing. Traditional and cartoon illustration.

Computer Experience
Macintosh, DOS, Windows, Unix/Linux (various flavors) Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere, Cleaner, Freehand, Fontographer, File Maker Pro, SoundEdit 16, Peak, Max/MSP, ProTools, GoLive, Dreamweaver, Director, Flash, Fireworks, Microsoft Office, Cumulus, and a variety of painting and rendering applications.

General Business/Office skills
At Wow Cool: Managed product line, edited/assembled monthly wholesale catalogs and quarterly mail-order catalog, maintained web site (since 1994), authored custom order system in File Maker Pro, invoicing, accounting, contracts, mailing-list management, advertising, promotions.


Book Design - Tundra / Fantagraphics / Wow Cool
Love and Rockets, Zero Zero, Pie, Oh That Monroe, Mad Soul, The Life and Death of Fritz the Cat, Acme Novelty Library, The Ultimate Comics Catalog, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, The Vaughn Bodé Library (also series editor), Taboo, Hyena, Maximortal, The Allagash Incident, Michael Kaluta Sketchbook (also editor, photographer), Peter Pan, Adios Palomita, Malicious Resplendence, The Paintings of Robert Williams (also co-editor), a.o.

Advertising Design has appeared in:
Mondo 2000, The Nation, Juxtapoz, Reflex, Kulture, Fizz, The Comics Journal, a.o.

Web Design and Management:

Wow Cool:

Department of Experimental Services:

The Stars of Rock:

Planet PR:

Blass Communications:

The Bostwick Group:

The Vienna Project:

Urbach Kahn & Werlin Advisors, Inc.:

Other Experience

Reviews and columns for Maximum Rock N Roll, Comics F/X, and smaller publications. News correspondent and interviewer for The Comics Journal.

Numerous recordings and performances with Brown Cuts Neighbors, Jo, Lettuce Little, Krebstar, nickname: Rebel and other bands. Remixes, production, soundtracks. Details available.

Retail sales, mail-order and wholesale processing, retail window display, poster design, screenprinting (paper and textile), architectural rendering, concert promotion, radio DJ (two years).


Interviewed by: CNN, Hearst Newspapers, Computer Paper (Seattle), KALX (Berkeley, CA radio station), "Notes From Underground" - book by Stephen Duncombe (Verso, 1997), Ben Is Dead.

Work featured in: Graphis, Entertainment Weekly and Magazine & Bookseller.

Work exhibited in: Berkeley, Berlin, New York City, Knoxville, Albany, NY and Dallas.


University of Tennesee, Knoxville, 2003
BFA program: Video Art

School of Visual Arts, NYC 86-89
BFA program: Fine Arts/Art History (1 year) and Illustration (1.5 years)

Comprehensive Portfolio & References available upon request

updated September 23, 2004