Marc Arsenault
species: Human | model: male | vintage: 1968
make: Mi'kmaq | Acadian | Bohemian | Lithuanian | Polish
offspring: Luc | James spouse: Jennifer Oh

blog: Wow Cool Engineroom

music: Krebstar | Brown Cuts Neighbors | nickname: Rebel

images: photos | gig posters | drawings

video: BCN TV | YouTube |
Great Black Swamp Olde Time Strongman Picnic

words: Andy's Chair zine | Maximum Rock N Roll |
The Comics Journal | Kung Fu Tai Chi | others.

fancy art/comic book editor/designer: Vaughn Bodé library and Robert Williams' Malicious Resplendence (1999 Eisner Award nominee) for Fantagraphics Books, Michael Kaluta Sketchbook (1994 Eisner Award nominee) for Tundra/Kitchen Sink. Art Director on Steve Bissette's Taboo (an Eisner award winner!) & Zero Zero.

also: Bicycles, basketball, destroying monoculture. Dive bars, haunted places, cotton clothing, ceviche, lager, Jack Kirby, Lomography, psychogeography.

contact: marc [AT] wowcool dot com

Instituted October 5, 1998 - updated August 3, 2007

Copyright © 2004-2008 Marc Arsenault. photo by W. Woodworth

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