Brilliant Programming choice on BBC One Christmas Day

Brilliant Programming choice on BBC One Christmas Day

Marc Arsenault

Christmas Day in the UK must be something special. There, like nowhere else, it seems to revolve around the day’s television programming. This year is truly something special, for along with the Queens address, Eastenders, Strictly Come Dancing and the return of eco-genius Kit Pedler’s Cybermen in Doctor Who, we get a brand new Wallace & Grommit short (well, my kids are pretty damn excited, anyway) But if we look a little closer at the schedule, one intriguing sequence appears:

Frankenstein’s Cat
The castle finds itself at the mercy of rat-sized living brains that devour raw data.

Christmas Day Eucharist
Christmas in Peterborough 2008
A special Christmas Day service from Peterborough Cathedral.

What a lead in! How can you follow that!? Not only is that possibly the best ever show synopsis ever (especially for something under 10 minutes… and does this mean they’ve stopped using Batfink for filler?), but the shear brilliance of placing anything Frankenstein right before mass on Christmas day. Was this choice clueless? Clever? Perhaps reaching for something deeper? We may never know.

Eucharist on Christmas always seemed a bit of a chicken and the egg situation anyway.

Full BBC One Schedule.

Bonus Bit: Todays episode of Scary Go ‘Round.

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