Condition of Books, Comics & Magazines

Most of the publications we carry are purchased directly from the artist or publisher or from their authorized distributors. These are new, uncirculated books that are generally in excellent condition. In comics grading terms they are Near Mint or better. Much of the rest of our offerings are uncirculated books that are acquired from other sources. Many books are hand selected from available stock for their quality.

In a few rare cases the available stock of an out-of-print item is in merely Very Good or Fine condition, and this will be noted in the description. We strive to provide the best available copies of all the products we sell.

Condition of all other items sold is brand new in the best available condition unless noted.

Warehousing and Storage

The merchandise sold on Wow Cool is stored in a low-light, climate controlled, smoke-free, pet-free facility. Minimal handling occurs between receipt of product and shipping.


Most comics and magazines are packed in acid free poly bags with a card board backing. We take the greatest care to ensure that the item reaches you in much the same condition as it left here. Merchandise is usually shipped in either cardboard reinforced bubble envelopes or securely packed and sealed boxes. Single comics are shipped in rigid cardboard photo mailers. Records are shipped in corrugated cardboard record boxes.

Processing and Shipping

Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours of receipt, Monday through Saturday. Orders are shipped worldwide via USPS. All orders are packed and shipped directly from the Wow Cool office. All shipments are sent with a tracking number. We recommend choosing First Class or Priority Mail for the fastest and safest delivery. Media Mail is cheaper, but can take two weeks or more to arrive. Shipping cost is calculated in real time based on the weight and shipping method of your order directly with USPS. Shipping is charged at our cost.

Our Track Record

The new WowCool.com shop opened on October 1st, 2011, but Wow Cool was shipping orders through Amazon for over a year previous to the launch. Many of the systems and practices used here were developed as an Amazon Marketplace seller. Wow Cool has (as of November 17, 2017. Wow Cool no longer sells on Amazon) a Lifetime 99% positive feedback rating on Amazon, with over 900 reviews. Sample comments:

  • “Exceptional service from the best seller ever. Went to great length to accomodate me. Brilliant! “
  • “Great delivery!!! This book came in great condition and earlier than estimated. Thank you!!!”
  • “Excellent purchase! Packaged properly, arrived better than on-time, and in excellent condition! “
  • “Fast shipping. Item in exact conditions as described. Excellent packaging and well protected. Thank you!”


Wow Cool strives to make the finest comics, books and music available at a fair and reasonable price. The Overstreet, Wizard, Fogel and Kennedy guides for comic book pricing (and whatever others might exist for this area) are not referenced for any pricing decisions. Many of the items we carry are, indeed, rare. It is not the business of Wow Cool to trade in collectibles. Wow Cool prices its offerings as fairly as possible relative to the prevailing markets. Most books are sold at or below cover price.


Wow Cool does not accept unsolicited materials for publication.

We will look at and listen to any already, or about-to-be, published materials for consideration to sell in the store. A quick look around the shop will give you a good idea of the types of material we distribute. Please send a link to your work online before mailing a sample. There is a link to the contact form on every single page. Please note, however, that this is a curated shop, and selections are subject to the whims and fancies of the buyer.

Hello Publishers, Labels, Retailers, Artists

Wow Cool can help you move that dead stock!. Do you have a case of books sitting around by an artist whose work is sold on Wow Cool? We may want to buy that off of you. Please contact us to request a want list or offer your item.


Wow Cool offers its own releases from Alternative Comics and Sparkplug Books, and a few select other titles at wholesale terms direct to other retailers. If you already work with Tony Shenton, then please order these books through him.

Updated July 10, 2024