Daniel Johnston's "Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness"

Marc Arsenault

Yes, Daniel Johnston is walking the cow straight to a spinner rack near you with a full length comic book and accompanying set of songs, and he is financing it with Kickstarter. As of this writing it has already passed its’ funding goal of $10,000 by nearly $7,000 more, and there is over a month to go. You may also want to pitch in. This one is surely worth it. Note the portrait of Bruce Lee behind Daniel during much of the video.

About this project

We’re bringing the long awaited first full-length comic book by legendary musician and artist Daniel Johnston to his loyal fans. Donations will fund the creation, production, and manufacture of “Daniel Johnston’s Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness.”

The project will be much more than just a standard comic book…although a standard comic book by Daniel Johnston would be anything but standard and certainly worth funding. The “Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness” will combine the unique and brilliant characters, images and words of Daniel Johnston along with Daniel’s amazing music, and the musical and artistic contributions of fans, to create a one-of-a-kind interactive comic book experience.

In addition to a printed version that will model the classic comic book formats of DC and Marvel, the “Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness” will enjoy a second, more in-depth, life online. Through a special access code featured in the printed version of the comic book, fans will be able to download accompanying music and view additional story lines and other imaginative content. Ongoing interactive features will provide a viewing and listening experience that is…well…infinite.

And, a happy belated birthday to Daniel Johnston, who turned 50 on Saturday, January 22, 2011. Daniel shares his birthday with Linda Blair, Jim Jarmusch, the recently deceased Malcolm McLaren, Sam Cooke, Piper Laurie and John Hurt… who stars in the movie I am watching right now.

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