Go Watch Radio Free Blissville

Go Watch Radio Free Blissville

Marc Arsenault

Now available to view online is J. F. Culhane’s Radio Free Blissville. It’s available in regular (above) or remix versions. nickname: Rebel contributed music to the soundtrack. Mr. Culhane also has a rather fine YouTube Channel and he holds it down on the interwebs primarily at glasscapsule.

The year is 2013. There has recently been a huge satellite war and all modern communications have been disrupted. In America, the Department of Defense has taken back most of the internet, reducing it to a unusable trickle of information.

Most of the general public who were dependent upon technology are detached and lost. Urban society has returned to a DIY fix it culture.

One bright spot is the resurgence of lawless community based pirate radio. These covert broadcasts are unseen but heard intermittently.

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