IPRC Comix Program presents Drawing Comics Like Yourself!

Dylan Williams


July 31, 2010 from August 1, 2010 for about 7 hours each day

I’ll be involved with this truly cool workshop. If you live in Portland (or not) I’d highly recommend finding out more. We are planning to make it rewarding!

Drawing Comics Like Yourself!
“This explorative, project based weekend workshop, is about discovering and unlocking your own personal approach to comics storytelling. A group of local cartoonists and self publishers will be there to help and encourage, including Sean Christensen, Theo Ellsworth, Amy Kuttab, Dylan Williams, and Julia Gfrörer. We’ll be loosening up, developing characters, exploring settings, Finding stories, and printing our work into mini comics form. Bring a pencil, eraser, pen, snacks, a rock, and an open mind.”

email iprcworkshops@gmail.com for more details.

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