Keep Reading Frenzy Alive!

Keep Reading Frenzy Alive!

Marc Arsenault

Reading Frenzy – An Independent Press Emporium is a small, specialty bookshop/gallery/event space in Portland, Oregon. They are having a rough patch at the moment and could use your patronage. The full message from RF follows.

The image you see above is the beautiful print that Aaron Renier created for us, No Book Ever Ends. If only we could say the same for bookstores. Every few years Reading Frenzy hits a point of financial crisis. That time has come again. As you know we’re a tiny, specialty shop devoted to independent, small and self-published titles. Reading Frenzy is more than a just store though — it’s an art exhibit and event space, a hub of cultural activity, and a community resource. It’s been a struggle to make it through the past 2+ years of the recession and we’re proud that we have. We’ve done that with a skeletal inventory and cutting back on staff and other expenses, as well as being resourceful and creative. We’ve simply reached the point where these measures are no longer sufficient.

In the past, friends and I have organized massive events with stellar musicians, writers, and artists, charged a modest admission, and raised a few thousand dollars to help us ride out tough times. We’ve done membership drives for our 500 Friends program, which haven’t garnered the hoped for hundreds of members, but have resulted in a few people giving very generously. That’s not going to happen this time. The support we need must come from the hands of many and not the backs (and bank accounts) of a few. We shouldn’t have to put on a three ring circus to garner the support we need to make this modest venture viable.

We have some exciting changes underway — a brand new computerized consignment system that will allow us to improve and expand our work (and our offerings) with small and self-publishers. A new issue of Crap Hound due out this summer, and the next print in our Reading Frenzy series by Nikki McClure. We also have top secret plans to expand our mission in a way that has never been done before. We truly believe that despite the changing nature of the publishing industry and reading habits this could be the long-awaited next step we need to take in order to achieve long-term sustainability, but it’s coming at a time where the shop is in dire straits, making it difficult to impossible to move forward.

I’m asking you to support the shop through your patronage. Not a donation or an act of charity, simply a decision to help support a venture that you want to see continue to exist by purchasing something. Here are ten meaningful things you can do today to support us:

  1. Visit the shop today at 921 SW Oak St or online and spend $20 on anything.
  2. Purchase our print No Book Ever Ends by Aaron Renier: $30
  3. Purchase our print Reading Frenzy! by Carson Ellis: $40
  4. Purchase a Reading Frenzy! t-shirt or tote by Carson Ellis: $18-$20
  5. Purchase one of our Crap Hound prints — Hands, Hearts or Eyes by Sean Tejaratchi: $40
  6. Purchase a Crap Hound t-shirt (currently not available online but we’re working on it): $20
  7. Become a member of 500 Friends of Reading Frenzy and receive annual discounts and perks: $25
  8. Purchase any issue of Crap Hound: $12-$40
  9. Promote Reading Frenzy on your website, blog, Facebook, etc. You can find us on FB here.
  10. Make a commitment to visiting our shop in person or online on a regular basis. If everyone on our mailing list spent just $5-$10 a month we could cover our basic monthly expenses.

Thanks for your time and hopefully your support.
Your Faithful Proprietress,

Reading Frenzy/strong>
921 SW Oak St.
Portland, Ore 97205
(503) 274-1449
Open Mon-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-6

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