R.I.P. Jimmy Dean

R.I.P. Jimmy Dean

Marc Arsenault

I mourn the loss of any of the pioneers of TV variety very greatly and closely. Jimmy was one of the last of the greats of the golden (OK, black and white) era. Jimmy and Rowlf the dog (Jim Henson on voice and one hand and head and Frank Oz on the other hand) was such a classic double act. Watching these old clips and seeing the humour play out with Jimmy often lose it on screen from the richness of the gags just tears me up now. Like we lost something somewhere. What do I know? I’m a sucker for anything Muppet.

Jimmy Dean totally cranks it up to awesome all on his own in Diamonds are Forever, a film that still reigns as an all time favorite from having seen it way too many times as a kid.

Associated Press Obituary: Singer, sausage businessman Jimmy Dean dies at 81

Sorry, I never really intended this to become the dead celebrity blog. Sadly there are more on the way soon.

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