The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Strip Says Goodnight

The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Strip Says Goodnight

Marc Arsenault

Sunday March 17 2019, saw the last Sunday installment of the 42-year long run of the syndicated Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man comic strip. The last daily strip was published on Saturday, March 23. Creators Alex Saviuk and ghost writer Roy Thomas make cameo appearances in the first panel. It has been announced by King Features Syndicate that there will be re-runs of some of the strips “Greatest Hits” in the weeks following; and, “We’ll be back soon with great new stories and art to explore even more corners of the Marvel Universe for you and your readers to enjoy. We’ll be announcing more about these new adventures in the very near future, so keep your Spidey senses tuned in!” The strip has been credited to Stan Lee since its launch in 1977. In recent years it has been written by Roy Thomas. The art on the strip has been handled by John Romita Sr. (1977-1981), Fred Kida (1981–1986), Larry Lieber (1986–2018), and Alex Saviuk (2018-2019). The strip’s long-time inker is the now 92 year old Joe Sinnott. We’ve included Mr. Sinnott’s St. Patrick’s Day Hulk portrait as a little bonus feature. See you later Spider-Man. Goodbye Stan. Hope to see you again Joe. May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be at your back.

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UPDATE: An announcement was posted on the evening of March 17th on the official Joltin’ Joe Sinnott Facebook page:

Joltin’ Joe wants to thank all the fans for their support of the Spidey strip through the years. Now today, at 92, and after working for Marvel for 69 years, Joe can announce that he is officially retired!

What a great run, Dad. We need to thank the following creators for their work on the Spidey strip during Joe’s incredible 27 year run on the strip: Stan Lee and Roy Thomas, who made this all possible. Letterers Stan Sakai and Janice Chiang, Pencilers Larry Lieber, Ron Frenz, Paul Ryan, Sal Buscema, Fred Kida, and for the past 22 years Alex Saviuk. Also a huge thanks to the inkers that “filled in” for Joe from time to time: Jim Amash, Terry Austin, Bob Wiacek, Mark Sinnott, Belinda Sinnott, Tim Estiloz and Jim Tournas. Thanks for making Spidey look good all these years Dad. I love you!

— Mark (your son and biggest fan)

But wait! There’s more! Joltin’ Joe may be retired, but he’s still got a few surprises for you. It has been announced that Sinnott will be inking the Sunday March 24 installment of Patrick McDonnell’s MUTTS comic strip as part of a “tribute to the Marvel comic series Fantastic Four and the series’ creators Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.” That’s something I want to see! Oh look! Here it is!

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