The Links Keep Coming - with Bonus Zak Sally

Marc Arsenault

The tweetstream is humming this morning. Your soundtrack right now should be the Thom Yorke 6Mix. He drops in a cut from former touring partners Low in the mix – it’s one from the days when La Mano Press main man Zak Sally was still thumping bass with that unit. Enjoy the video.

Tom Hart writes about spending some time with the talented Derek Ballard, and about about this whole fusion comics business. Many illustrations.

Sean T. Collins has coined the word “Hanawaltian” is his glowing in-depth review of Thickness #2.

Today is a second monday, which means that Michael DeForge has posted the fourth installment of Ant Comic.

Brian Ralph is interviewed by the National Post about the new hardcover collection of his brilliant Daybreak comic. Daybreak is now in stock at Wow Cool and available in the shop.

Box Brown spotted this one: Mars is a romantic comedy in space that counts James Kolchaka, Kinky Friedman and Cynthia Watros among it’s cast members and has a soundtrack that features Kristin Hersh and Neko Case. All you need to know is on the Swerve Pictures site.

And lastly, on my old on-air stomping grounds WSVA (Where I hosted Grunion Radio with Ben Jackson, Sam Henderson and many others back in 1988-89), Sam Weber is interviewing Lisa Hanawalt Wednesday, October 19, and they need your questions. We just got copies of a thick mini comic and a limited edition letterpress print by Lisa in the shop. You really should check those out.

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