You haven't seen Bad Boys 2?

Marc Arsenault

OK… here’s a sad story. I swore that I would not watch the Hot Fuzz DVD (saw the movie in the theater when it came out) until I had seen a substantial number of the movies that it references. Chief among these are, of course, Bad Boys II and Point Break. There’s about a half dozen more, some of which I had seen, but wanted to watch again. OK. So… a few weeks ago I started watching Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind… and then I stopped because it got to where they do a remake of Rush Hour II.

I went away for a week.

When I got back I remembered it as being Bad Boys II, so it was doubly urgent that I watch it. Now, having seen Bad Boys II, I return to Be Kind Rewind… and find out… yeah… wow… oops.

UPDATE: You do not need to see Rush Hour II to appreciate Be Kind Rewind. You should have seen Ghostbusters. If you had my siblings, this will not be an issue of great concern.

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