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American Barbarian

American Barbarian

Tom Scioli



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American Barbarian: A red-white-and-blue-haired hero must defend a post-post-apocalyptic world from the immortal Two-Tank Omen. His other credits include co-creator of the Eisner-nominated series, Godland, and the Xeric-winning UnMortals: The Myth of 8-Opus.

"I’m having a hard time making up my mind about something at the moment. I can’t decide if Tom Scioli’s American Barbarian the best thing ever, or merely the best comic book ever? Granted, my critical faculties might still be a bit stunned from the red, white and blue uppercut of the reading experience. I did just mainline a 260-page dose of 100% pure comics into my eyeballs over the last hour or so, and I might not have quite come down from the high that accompanies the reading of the book.

Of course, the fact that Scioli’s American Barbarian can have such a powerful effect on even the toughest, most-jaded comics critic is a sort of review in and of itself. I rarely find myself tempted to gush, and I even more rarely find myself surprised by a comic book, yet here I am, knocked on my ass, my head blown and second-guessing myself for being this impressed as I struggle to find the right words to communicate the perfect power of this work, which distills the best parts of the many virtues of the trashiest, old-school American comic books into their very essences." -- J. Caleb Mozzocco, Robot 6

256 page full color 6x9" hardcover
IDW Publishing, 2015

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