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Bea Wolf

Bea Wolf

Zach Weinersmith


First Second


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A modern middle-grade graphic novel retelling of Beowulf, featuring a gang of troublemaking kids who must defend their tree house from a fun-hating adult who can instantly turn children into grown-ups.

Listen! Hear a tale of mallow-munchers and warriors who answer candy’s clarion call!

Somewhere in a generic suburb stands Treeheart, a kid-forged sanctuary where generations of tireless tykes have spent their youths making merry, spilling soda, and staving off the shadow of adulthood. One day, these brave warriors find their fun cut short by their nefarious neighbor Grindle, who can no longer tolerate the sounds of mirth seeping into his joyless adult life.

As the guardian of gloom lays siege to Treeheart, scores of kids suddenly find themselves transformed into pimply teenagers and sullen adults! The survivors of the onslaught cry out for a savior—a warrior whose will is unbreakable and whose appetite for mischief is unbounded.

They call for Bea Wolf.

"Bea Wolf is a fun reimagining of the ancient epic.” — David Canham, AIPT

Zach Weinersmith is the creator of the popular webcomic SMBC, the creator of the nerd comedy show BAHFest, and the co-author of the New York Times bestselling popular science book, Soonish. He is the artist of First Second's Open Borders and the writer of Bea Wolf, a modern comedic retelling of the classic Beowulf epic.

Boulet was born and raised in France where he studied art in Dijon and Strasbourg. He started working in comics in the early 2000s and published a dozen books for young readers before creating, his worldwide-renowned website which got adapted in a series of 11 best-selling comic books. He also worked on the critically acclaimed French series Dungeon with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar. His new sci-fi series Bolchoi Arena has already been nominated twice at the Angouleme International Comic Festival. He currently lives in Paris, working in comics, illustration and animation.

208 page black and white hardcover with color dustjacket
First Second, 2023

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