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Bissette & Veitch's Fear Book

Bissette & Veitch's Fear Book

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Steve Bissette and Rick Veitch have put together a horror comic like no other ever done. We call it "The Illustrated Horror Magazine for Immature Readers!" All but one are by Bissette, with titles like "A Dead Ringer" and "Business as Usual," culled from the pages of Scholastic Magazines when Bissette and Veitch were students at the Joe Kubert school. A horror comic book for everyone! Stories reprinted from Weird Worlds (March, 1979-September, 1981) #2-3, 5-8; Bananas (February, 1982) #54 and Bananas Yearbook (June, 1981) #47. Stories include "The Return of the Swamp Beast!", "Horror... with Reservations", and "A Dead Ringer".

32 page full color comic with color covers

Eclipse, 1986

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