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Martin Cendreda

Top Shelf

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Dang!, the first prime-time comic book by fabulous cartoonist Martin Cendreda, follows the sad and tragic life of good ole' Herbert Hound and his encounters with obnoxious teens, fashion conscious yuppies and twin homeless orphans. Guffaws abound in Martin's delightfully drawn comic, with an art style hinting at Clowes and Chester Brown, yet with chops that are uniquely his own.

Martin Cendreda is a cartoonist/animator born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Besides Dang!, his illustrations and comics can be seen in such publications as Peko Peko, Giant Robot and Sturgeon White Moss. He contributed to the Hi Horse Omnibus anthology published by Alternative Comics. He was supervising animator on Trey Parker and Matt Stone's animated TV series South Park and its spin-off film South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut.

"Martin Cendreda cartooning is delicate and the story is just the sort of intimate tale that makes comics, with their solitary interaction with a reader, a distinct medium." -- Tom McLean, Variety

32 page black and white digest with color covers
Top Shelf, 2004

Diamond code: MAR042843

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