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Dead Children Playing: A Picture Book paperback

Dead Children Playing: A Picture Book paperback

Stanley Donwood & Dr. Tchock



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Stanley Donwood and the enigmatic Dr Tchock are the elusive duo responsible for Radiohead’s artwork. Containing paintings they have produced in the last decade, this book alsocontains a cornucopia of never-before-seen artwork. Featuring the apocalyptic scenes of the OK Computer album, the startling, sinister shadow of memory cast onto the present in the Kid A paintings, and the overwhelming information overload of Hail to the Thief’s landscapes of conflict, Dead Children Playing presents some of the most iconic artwork of our time.

“As much inspired by the writing of J.G. Ballard and Iain Sinclair as the work of Alan Moore and L.S. Lowry.” GQ

“I’ve read lots of his stuff and it’s always good and I am in no way biased.” —Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead

80 Pages, Paperback
Verso, 2015

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