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Doom Patrol #50

Doom Patrol #50

Grant Morrison

Jamie Hewlett, Richard Case, Rian Hughes & Co.

DC Comics

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While working on the development of a new migraine control drug, Albert Hoffman stumbled upon the hallucinogenic properties of his synthesized for lysergic acid diethylamide. Following his curiosity's driving force, he experimented with it. Feeling few effects at first, he decided to ride his bicycle home, accompanied by an assistant. His hallucinations began to turn the ride into something of a detour.

Mister Nobody has selected Hofmann's bicycle as the next item which will serve as the basis for his new Brotherhood of Dada's next attack on reality. He explains that while Hofmann's discovery of LSD is what he is remembered for, his bicycle was sadly forgotten by all but a few aficionados of the bizarre. The bicycle had become super-charged with the energies of that first ground-breaking acid trip. It had become a consciousness-altering device of outrageous potency, to be bought and sold by collectors. When ridden, the bicycle leaves a trail of hallucination in its wake, affecting those it passes by.

Painted cover by Bisley.

48 page full color comic
DC Comics, 1991

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