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Double Fine Action Comics Vol. 1

Double Fine Action Comics Vol. 1

Scott Campbell



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From the secret laboratory of renowned videogame developer Double Fine Productions comes this incredible collection of funnies created by the one and only Scott C, art director of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Chock full of 300 strips, as well as the coolest "behind-the-scenes" pages you'll ever find in a book, Double Fine Action Comics by Scott C is an absolute for anyone who enjoys frequent amusement and side effects like laughter.

Exciting Book Extras (Bullet-pointed for Convenience):

  • Foreword by Tim Schafer
  • Occasional color (as if gray-scale wasn't exciting enough)!
  • Knight Guy board game (pieces not included)!
  • Sketches and in-progress work (only half-done on purpose)!
  • Special commentary section (where Scott C writes what he's thinking)!
  • Secrets of "How to Draw!" (Warning: Not a state-certified class)!
  • Sexy Knight Guy pin-up (aww, yeah!)

Scott C is Scott Campbell, art director for Psychonauts and Brütal Legend at Double Fine Productions. Scott has done numerous comics that have appeared in such anthologies as Hickee, Flight, Beasts!, and Project: Superior. His story, Igloo Head and Tree Head, was awarded the silver medal from the Society of Illustrators. He has also painted many clever little paintings that have shown in such places as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Montreal, and Japan.

128 pages; 9 x 9 inches paperback. Occasional color.
Nerd-Core, 2008

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