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Dreadstar Annual #1 The Price

Dreadstar Annual #1 The Price

Jim Starlin & Co.

Epic Comics

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The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book 2: The Price - Story, Art and Cover by Jim Starlin. Syzygy Darklock makes pacts with dark forces in order to gain mystical powers. He is nearly killed and ends up sacrificing his one true love, Sister Marian, to demons so that he might achieve his destiny. Also starring Lord Papal and Dreadstar. (Note: The Metamorphosis Odyssey: Book 1 is serialized in Epic Illustrated (1980) #1-9. The Metamorphosis Odyssey: Book 3 is the Dreadstar Graphic Novel (1982 Marvel) The story continued in the Dreadstar series from Epic and Later First Comics. This is a full color painted version of The Price, originally published by Eclipse in 1981. Introduction by Jo Duffy, illustrated by Marie Severin. Color art by Daina Graziunas and Christie Scheele.

48 page full color comic book
Epic Comics, 1983

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