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Don't Give Up The Ship LP

Don't Give Up The Ship LP

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Debut full-length album from the legendary Portland, Oregon group. "Definitely some of the coolest punk rock that REALLY can ROCK that I've heard in a while. Great stuff." -- Matt Average, Fracture Magazine


1. You Can't Outrun the Radio
2. Let It Die
3. Pheromones
4. Now It's Time to Assimilate
5. Reagan's Remains
6. Quarters
7. Bye Bye Bike
8. Why Do What Now?
9. Willamette
10. Erin Yanke Loves a Parade
11. Consider the Power

Upbeat, energetic rock and roll with the guitars fat in the mix and a nice line in ringing power chords... This is pretty much a thriil ride, starting with the first song and not stopping for breath. Pretty Rockin'. --Allan McNaughton in MaximumRockNRoll

Things kick off with a great and urgent punk 'n' roll song called 'You Can't Outrun the Radio' which just must be their gig anthem. Fast bass lines and a snotty edge bring to mind early Rancid meets the Dead Kennedys, definitely. And then things change a little, with track number two rocking out like one of those awesome Brand New Unit tracks, even down to the chord changes and vocals. Things continue chopping and changing through all 11 tracks and, together with the raw production and sarc astic vocal urgency not unlike the Spermbirds in their heyday. Don't Give Up The Ship leaves you feeling like you've just listened to a REAL punk record--a rare thing these days. As you must have figured out by now, this is pretty damn good. --Flipside Magazine

12” vinyl LP in sleeve with lyric sheet
Red Alert Works, 1999

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