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Gratuitous Ninja

Gratuitous Ninja

Ronald Wimberly

Beehive Books


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A stealth epic that flows from the stoops to the subways, reinventing both the ninja tale and the graphic novel. 636 accordion-folded pages flip-kick through a sprawling saga of a reimagined NYC where ninja run the underground and anarchist pyrates run the streets.

The fabled Namba clan went into hiding decades ago, living peacefully under the radar as community-minded hippies in Gowanus. But when they take some new blood under their wing, four young trainees take to the streets to solve Brooklyn's problems with ninja science. What good is being a ninja if you can't protect your own hood?

This unique box set contains four hundred consecutive feet of comics and ephemera bubbling with pugilist praxis, chanbara dialectics, pyrate vs. ninja warfare, and a whole secret history of NYC.

Including a wall-sized subway map detailing the secret routes and ghost trains of the GratNin clans, a set of trading cards, a ninja union badge and much more, GratNin isn't a linear story -- it's an elaborate world to journey through, and try not to get lost in.

Gratuitous Ninjas. That's what you'll find in the shadows of a New York City that's rotten with shinobi.

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Ronald Wimberly is an accomplished cartoonist living in New York City. He has created several graphic novels as well as shorter works for DC/Vertigo, Nike, Marvel, Hill and Wang, The New Yorker, and Dark Horse. His most recent works of note were the critically-acclaimed Prince of Cats, Black History in Its Own Words, and the cartoon essay "Lighten Up" for The Nib. He is also the founder and editor of LAAB MAGAZINE.

636 pages
Beehive Books, 2023

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