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Heavy Metal #276 Wraparound Cover

Heavy Metal #276 Wraparound Cover

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JACK KIRBY and HEAVY METAL for the first time ever! August sees the cosmos-altering team-up of two of comics legendary forces: we're beyond proud to present the King of Comics' mind-blowing artwork in the pages of our hallowed (and now humbled) magazine! Barry Geller & Jack Kirby's "LORD OF LIGHT," These Pieces by Geller & Kirby, mostly unseen before now, are part of American history as they were the artwork used by the CIA for OPERATION: ARGO, which helped free American embassy workers during the Iranian coup in 1979. Also featuring all-new, eye-scorching color by some of the best toners in the biz! And that ain't all! We're also super psyched to welcome back MAX FREZZATO to the fold - crushing it in an epic 47-page graphic novel! Plus BILAL, ERIKA LEWIS' "The 49th Key", the MOLEN BROS and MORE!!! How we'll fit this much cosmic comic energy into one issue will be the stuff of legend! "Planetary Control Room" wraparound cover B

115 pages full color magazine

Heavy Metal, , 2015

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