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Heavy Metal #280 Gail Potocki cover

Heavy Metal #280 Gail Potocki cover

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This is the much ballyhooed, and deservedly so, debut issue for new Editor in Chief, Mr. Grant Morrison. Within its pages you will find a blast of excellently illustrated, maddeningly mind-bending tales by Heavy Metal regulars and debutantes. It?s all kicked off with an editor?s note that is an unprocessed, unfiltered slice of Morrison?s brain, that comics fountain from whence sprung The Invisibles, Flex Mentallo, The Filth, and a host of name-brand stuff (Superman, X-Men, JLA, etc.).

Grant Morrison opens up the issue with a tale he contributed himself, "an old school sci-fi twist-ender" entitled "Beachhead" drawn by Benjamin Marra, whim Morrison describes as a "grand guignol genius." "Time Served" is a twisty sci-fi short by Kyle Charles and Michael Moreci. "The Key" is a hippy trippy mushroom headmelt, by Max Frezzato. In "Lepidoteran", a jet pilot has a strange encounter, by Emilio Balcarce and Gaston Vivanco. Also--"A Mind Bomb" by Danish artist Anna Kornum. Morrison describes the story as "Raymond Briggs-y A-bomb paranoia." "Fiendy" is a cerebral head crush by Gary T. Becks. "Magic Words" is a one pager by Eric Esquivel. Here you go! "Deliriously vivacious insect erotica," writes Morrison of this story, an excerpt from Mozchops' 2011 graphic novel "Salsa Invertebrexa". The "Artist's Studio" feature presents the work of Mimi Scholz, a Berlin-based artist whose work focuses on Feminism and sexuality. The magazine's "Gallery" section, curated this issue by musician and art historian Tom Negovan, features a spotlight on Gail Potocki and "The Century Guild."

Continuing Julia and Roem by French comics master Enki Bilal. Also ongoing is The 49th Key by Erika Lewis, J.K. Woodward and Deron Bennetz.

147 page full color magazine
Heavy Metal, 2016

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