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Jack Kirby Collector #70

Jack Kirby Collector #70

Jack Kirby

TwoMorrows Publishing

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Jack Kirby Collector presents the first of two bookend issues we're calling Kirby: Alpha (#70) and Kirby: Omega (#71)! Kirby: Alpha looks at the beginnings of Kirby's greatest concepts, and how he looked back in time and to the future for the origins of ideas like Devil Dinosaur, Forever People, 2001, Eternals, Kamandi, OMAC, and more! There's also a rare Kirby interview, the 2016 Kirby Tribute Panel from WonderCon, Mark Evanier and other regular columnists, and galleries of unseen Kirby pencil art, all behind a Kirby/Mike Royer cover! Don't miss next issue's inverse look at endings in the Kirbyverse.

94 page full color magazine
TwoMorrows Publishing, 2017

Diamond Code: NOV161911

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