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Jack Kirby Collector #76

Jack Kirby Collector #76


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Dysfunctional relationships abound in Jack Kirby Collector #76’s “Fathers & Sons” issue. We’ll explore the father/son dynamic, Kirby-style, between Odin/Thor, Zeus/Hercules, Darkseid/Orion, Captain America/Bucky, and others. Also: Conducted the week of Jack’s 1994 passing, there’s a touching unpublished interview with GIL KANE eulogizing his mentor, and heartfelt tributes from a host of Jack’s creative offspring: BILL MUMY, JIMMY PALMIOTTI, JOE QUESADA, JIM VALENTINO, TODD McFARLANE, PETER DAVID, NEIL GAIMAN, FRANK MILLER, and others. Plus: MARK EVANIER and our other regular columnists, the 2018 Kirby Tribute Panel, a complete Golden Age Kirby story, a pencil art gallery featuring prodigal sons (and daughters) from Forever People, New Gods, Thor, Machine Man, and a cover inked by AL MILGROM!

100 page full color magazine
Two Morrows Publishing, 2019

Diamond Code: JAN192163

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