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Juxtapoz #196 May 2017

Juxtapoz #196 May 2017

High Speed Productions, Inc.

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Sometimes a visual just makes your eyes go popping out of your noggin. And sometimes, a cover image just literally demonstrates how your eyes can go popping out of your noggin. And that is the May 2017 cover image by NYC-based Jamian Julian Villani. Jamian makes wonderfully surreal and other-worldly cartoon-esque paintings. Some are crude depictions of sex, some that are just plain hilarious, and others are just imaginative universes. We are hooked.

Also in the May 2017 issue: We appreciate the legacy of Jason Rhoades with curator, Paul Schimmel — We have exclusive photos of Banksy's "The Walled-Off Hotel" in Bethlehem. — Robert Williams breaks down his 3 new paintings for his show at Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana. — Ari Marcopoulos goes around NYC with the adidas team — Spoon's Britt Daniel talks album covers and Hot Thoughts — Adam Feibelman drops the 5100 and finds personal provenance — Joakim Ojanen shows us his new ceramics at his residency in France — Stuart Davis reminds us why he is one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century — Ryan Travis Christian opens up about graphite — We take a trip to the Pacific to check in on POW! WOW! — Mark Mothersbaugh goes back to school — Cody Hoyt brings illustration to ceramics and becomes one of the best in the game.

128 full color magazine
Ten Speed Production, 2017

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