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Kid Lobotomy #5 Brandon Graham Variant

Kid Lobotomy #5 Brandon Graham Variant

Peter Milligan

Tess Fowler

Black Crown

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Kafka-obsessed young hotel manager Kid Lobotomy is about to have his brain tweaked by Big Daddy and renegade neurologist Doc Cyclops. Meanwhile, Kid's complex sister Rosebud finally has control of the Suites. Could a cockroach be Kid's salvation? Can dead uncle Gloucester show him the way to the truth? Can Adam Mee finally write his second novel? And can Ottla and Gervais elbow their way into a busy plot? Weird medicine, a symbolist classic, and a girl on a horse. All this and more surprises in "A Lad Insane," Part Five.

32 page full color comic book
Black Crown, 2018

Diamond Code: DEC170433

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