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Love and Rockets Vol. 6: Comics Dementia

Love and Rockets Vol. 6: Comics Dementia

Gilbert Hernandez

Fantagraphics Books


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Comics Dementia collects unexpected treasures, oddities, and rarities from outposts of the Love and Rockets galaxy, by one of Earth's greatest living cartoonists, Gilbert Hernandez. Saints, sinners, and the Candide-like Roy mingle in jungles, in fables, in outer space: in cocktail lounges and living rooms. Ditko meets Melville meets Bob Hope―but the party really starts bumping when the Alfred E. Neuman of the Love & Rocket multi-verse, Errata Stigmata, makes her entrance.

Many of these stories haven't been available since their original appearance in comic shops in the 1990s.

224 page black and white paperback
Fantagraphics, 2016

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