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Magic Whistle 3.0*

Magic Whistle 3.0*

Sam Henderson & Co.

Alternative Comics


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Sam Henderson is joined this issue by John Brodowski, Manuel Gomez Burns, Jesse McManus, Ansis Purins, and Leah Wishnia as Magic Whistle expands to a relaunched and larger anthology format. It also contains Peter Bagge's touching (and hilarious) homage to the comic strips of his late brother, Doug.

Includes a bonus booklet exlaining why the inside covers are blank.

48 page black and white comic book
Alternative Comics, 2015

*Note: There is no issue 3.1. You can think of this as 3.1, if that will make you happy. But it's printed in big, bloody letters right on the cover that THIS IS THREE POINT ZERO! (The asterisk "*" is not part of the title. It is just there to direct you to this note. And yes, it is spelled that way. Asterix is a fictional cartoon Gaulish warrior, whose adventures took place in the time of Julius Caesar.)

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