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Matter Summer Special

Matter Summer Special

Philip Barrett

Sparkplug Books

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When the local wacky-backy supply runs dry and the chopped-up grilled skin-of-banana still refuses to smoke right, the world of full-time wasters Whitey White and Sean Brown becomes all hard-edged and distinct. Worse still: their sex-drives are returning! In desperation the duo respond to a small-ad cypher and soon receive the kind of imbibation capable of transporting them through an interdimensional lesion and are soon embroiled in a covert corporate struggle for monopoly of the transporting substance.

Add to the joint a hitman tamed by love, an out-of-this-world romance and a finale in which a friendship is saved with the aid of diseased skin and a mullet, and readers may find that they have long passed the five leaves left stage!

“Serious Gear’ (being the title of this Coen-like story) is of course a trip itself. Creator Philip Barrett sheds the frame structure in favour of open panels and a thinking outside the box, adopts doodling-brush to complementary effect, and achieves a breezy, fluid reading experience that floats along with a kind of measured drift – an approach which enhances some inventively surreal sequences. Vaguely resembling a Health Board booklet designed to surrepticiously educate the masses, this little book of blow is a fun, funny read. Passive smoking, gentle reader, has never been safer!” --

80 page black and white paperback
Sparkplug Books, 2006

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