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Object 15

Object 15

Kilian Eng

Floating World


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Object 15 is the third collection in Kilian Eng?s successful monograph series, following the acclaimed books Object 5 and Object 10.

Kilian?s images present alternate worlds where the environment plays a great role. Many of these sequences present visual stories, without any text. He is fascinated with the details that can create these imaginative worlds: colors and lighting; dimensions and sounds. His inspiration comes from classic and futuristic architecture, surrealism, and science fiction as well as natural and urban landscapes. This volume collects the most intricate and detailed visions that Kilian has created to date.

Since most of the work in the book has been drawn in the computer environment I was glad and surprised how the images opened up in a new way when I saw them in the printed form. There is definitely something happening when you can see the work on paper instead of on the screen. It is really the ultimate way to look and get to know the artwork. ?Kilian Eng

Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng is the natural heir to the Moebius throne of staggering sci-fi artwork. ?It?s Nice That

Eng?s drawings show the artist as architect. As the omniscient voice controlling a self-created world. ?Chris Jalufka, Evil Tender

Kilian Eng is one of the most popular and acclaimed digital illustrators working today. His prints of dreamy landscapes and his retro-futuristic style are admired by many. He is known for his Mondo poster series, designing posters for Game of Thrones, Argo, Jodorowsky?s Dune, and Sony PlayStation. He has also designed many acclaimed album covers including soundtracks for Aliens, Oblivion, and The Knick. Kilian earned a Bachelor?s and Master?s in Graphic Design & Illustration from Konstfack University of Arts, Craft & Design in Stockholm and has won numerous awards for his illustrative work.

80 page full color hardcover
Floating World Comics, 2016

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