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Proof Magazine #1

Proof Magazine #1

Proof Press


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Proof is a wide-ranging magazine of culture, featuring informative and well-written articles on art, music, science, spirituality, and the margins of popular culture. Each issue presents a diverse array of topics, which are nevertheless bound together in spirit and quality of writing. The appearance of Proof is sturdy and highly attractive.


Indoor Bicycle Touring
By Ben Katchor

Elephant of Dreamland
By Harris Rosenbloom

Subvocal Speech
Christopher Collins

Pippi Longstocking
by Neil Martinson

Drive in Theatres
By Edward Hitchcock

A Love Set to Music
by P. Reeves

Velimir Khlebnikoc
by Tamalyn Millrt

3-D Photography
by M. Henry Jones

Stephen Holmes
in conversation

The Octopus
by Jim Morton

Peter Principle
in conversation

Rudolf Steiner's Sculpture
Representative of Humanity

68 page black and white magazine
Proof Press, 1999

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