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Proxima Centauri #5

Proxima Centauri #5

Farel Dalrymple

Image Comics

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"PROXIMA CENTAURI," Part Fives -- Conditions in the spectral zone are getting unbearable. Shakey, Parasol, Almendra, Gris Gato, and the Proxinauts join forces with many others to fight some malignant deities.

PROXIMA CENTAURI will be six issues of PSYCHEDELIC SCIENCE FANTASY ACTION COMIC BOOK DRAMA starring Sherwood Breadcoat, "The Scientist" Duke Herzog, Dr. EXT the Time Traveler, the ghost M. Parasol, Shakey the Space Wizard, and Dhog Dahog.

24 page full color comic book
Image Comics, 2018

Diamond Code: AUG180264

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