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Reporter #6

Reporter #6

Dylan Williams

Sparkplug Books

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“The Party” is an unnerving story about an evening get-together that ends up being a series of long, surreal debates.

“This story is set 1956 and it’s about a newly hired reporter going to a company party at his bosses house. He goes with a wife and they go around talking to other staff members about a variety of topics of the day like the Korean War, working in the comic industry and religion. Sprinkled along the way is how got his job and the tale of 3 blind men describing an Elephant. The Elephant tale is pretty well known and I’m a bit surprised told the story rather than just reference it.

I found myself liking the lead character Adam, and the general story of him wandering around in a party talking to different people. It had a fun and intelligent feel to it. The story is a nice done in one that had a decent ending too.” -- Jamie Coville, Collector Times

36 page black and white digest
Sparkplug Books

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