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Retcon Vol. 1: Reverse Engineered

Retcon Vol. 1: Reverse Engineered

Matt Nixon

Toby Cypress

Image Comics


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A cold and indifferent adversary returns to reward humanity with its ultimate purpose-to end all things. However, a determined team of lovable freaks and dangerous weirdos believe that they may have found a way to pick destiny's lock. After all, this is a universe of infinite timelines and limitless possibilities. There must be a string with which they can beat the impossible. All they have to do is find it and pull.

Retcon Vol. 1 introduces an all-new universe of hardcore science fiction adventure by writer Matt Nixon (Wolverine) and artist Toby Cypress (Rodd Racer, Blue Estate) and letters by Matt Krotzer. Collects Retcon #1-4

96 page full color paperback
Image Comics, 2018

Diamond Code: JAN180696

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