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Secret Origins #10

Secret Origins #10

Alan Moore & Co.

DC Comics

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Four mysterious origins for the Phantom Stranger!

The Stranger recounts his encounter with Jesus in "Tarry Till I Come Again." Script by Mike W. Barr, art by Jim Aparo. Next up, we bear witness to the Stranger's defiance of a cruel angel in "...and men shall call him Stranger." Script by Paul Levitz, art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Then, the Stranger tries to protect the architecture of existence itself in "Revelations." Script by Dan Mishkin, art by Ernie Colon & Pablo Marcos. And last but not least, the ramifications of the Stranger's encounter with Satan are seen in "Footsteps." Script by Alan Moore, art by Joe Orlando.

Cover by Jim Aparo.

32 page color comic
DC Comics, 1987

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