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Snakes & Ladders Audio CD

Snakes & Ladders Audio CD

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Following on from the critical acclaim of THE HIGHBURY WORKING & ANGEL PASSAGE, Alan Moore turns his psychogeographic eye to the history of the earth, the moon, the universe, Oliver Cromwell, and the Pre-Raphaelites. English revolutionary Cromwell was dug up three years after his death in order to be executed. The Pre-Raphaelite beauty Lizzie Siddal was exhumed eleven years after hers so that Rossetti could retrieve his manuscript book of poems, given to her in her death as a token of his eternal love. These were not our promised resurrections. Alan Moore fans won't want to miss the opportunity to pick up this perfect companion piece to the comic book of the same name by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, now included in the volume A Disease of Language.


1. The Gate of Tears 10:31

2. Stars and Garters 10:31

3. Baghdad 10:10

4. Art 9:40

5. Syon 11:29

Steven Severin's RE: label, 2002

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