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Wren McDonald



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SP4RX is the story of mankind clawing for survival. Set in a future where a class system has emerged, the world is divided into four levels, with the elite ruling from the extravagant top level.

SP4RX, a young hacker who lives off grid, hacks into corporations and sells stolen data to wealthy buyers on the black market... just your average thief. Mega corporation Structus Industries introduces a welfare programme called the 'Elpis Program', which allows the working class to apply for Cybernetic implants to make workers more efficient. On the surface, it seems like a programme to empower the poor and allow them to rise to the ranks of the elite. But SP4RX soon discovers all is not as it seems? SP4RX and Structus are set on a collision course with the fate of humanity at stake in Wren McDonald's latest sci-fi tale of survival and corruption!

One of Kirkus Reviews' Best Teen Books of 2016

One of Den of Geeks Best Comics of 2016

Teeming with rogue robots, political and corporate corruption, and raw, unflinchingly violent action, this is a must-read for fans seeking a smart sci-fi graphic offering that's a bit off the beaten path. A pulls-no-punches techno-thriller; think Mr. Robot meets The Stepford Wives. Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

Fans of sci-fi or dystopian comics will enjoy this fast-paced volume Booklist

120 page two color paperback
Nobrow, 2016

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