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Spectacles #2

Spectacles #2

Jon Lewis

Alternative Comics

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From the acclaimed creator of True Swamp, it's this year's most talked about new title! This issue leads off with the first day of Spring, in which our hero's sunny mood is ruined when his neighbor, an inept and pretentious painter, asks his opinion about his latest "work". Can our hero conceal his distaste, or do you have to be cruel to be kind? Then there's chapter two of "The Frost Changes", the hilarious and fascinating epic which takes place in modern day Minnesota and pre-industrial Norway — simultaneously! A young woman drinks to save the world, a minister marries a witch, two brothers argue the pros and cons of life as a dog, and a troll tricks a hunter into getting arrested, as the plot curdles in this ongoing story! Remember... you can't see properly without your Spectacles!

24 page black and white comic with color covers
Alternative Comics, 1997

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