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Speedball #8

Speedball #8

Steve Ditko

Marvel Comics

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The Bonehead Gang conflict comes to a head when Speedball and the police get involved. But the NYPD may have underestimated Bonehead’s reach and strength!

Steve Ditko — plot and pencils
Roger Stern — script
Bruce Patterson — inks

Robbie Benson was a teenager, not quite old enough to have his learner’s permit to drive. His father, a district attorney, wanted him to study the law in college. His mother, a former star of the stage, wanted him to get involved in the arts. For now, Robbie just worked after school sweeping up at the laboratory of Doctor Hammond. One day, Robbie decided to secretly observe an experiment that the doctor was conducting—an experiment that inadvertently released a strange energy from the warp. This energy struck Robbie, who later discovered that whenever he hit anything hard, the kinetic energy rebounded with increasing force, turning him into the human jumping bean super-hero known as Speedball.

32 page full color comic
Marvel Comics, 1989

This is the newsstand edition with barcode

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