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The Encycopedia of Doris

The Encycopedia of Doris

Cindy Crabb


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Cindy Crabb's new book, The Encyclopedia of Doris, offers stories, essays and interviews from 2001 to 2011. Inside are issues 19-28 of the beloved and internationally distributed, feminist, autobiographical zine "Doris," along with a bunch of never- before published writing.

Crabb writes with an inspiring level of honesty and compassion, exploring subjects like consent, feminism, abortion, death, self-image, creativity, shyness, queer identity, addiction, and anarchism, in ways that embrace the complexities each issue holds. Living in the margins of a society whose ethical priorities she finds abhorrent, Crabb's journey takes her through the riot-grrrl gangs of the mid-'90s. She finds her anger and her singing/ screaming voice, finds ways to deal with the loss of her mother due to alcoholism, struggles with her own addiction and mental health issues, helps to start a women and transgender health resource, lives in shacks and warehouses, and documents it all with a fierce tenderness that draws readers in and holds them gently, allowing them to explore the intricacies of their own lives.

320 page black and white paperback

"I feel proud that this anthology exists, that somehow the incredibly healing necessity of writing one’s story can ultimately become a radical resource for so many others, while remaining entirely DIY (that is, self-published and therefore impossible to co-opt or commodify.) " --Julia Booz Ullrey, Maximum RockNRoll

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