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The Flutter Collection

The Flutter Collection

Jennie Wood

Jeff McComsey

Dark Horse Comics


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The entire Flutter saga in a single volume for the first time!

Fifteen-year-old Lily shape-shifts into a boy to get the girl, and chaos ensues when she pretends to be someone she's not. While coming to terms with who she is and what she has done, Lily learns that life as a boy is just as difficult, and that she can't just run away from her problems. With her loved ones in danger, she returns to St. Charles to live as Jesse and protect them. But knowing what she's capable of, can Lily be content as a popular high school varsity quarterback? Then, Lily gets stuck in a body while shape-shifting, but not just any body--her mother's. Forced to see the world through the eyes of her estranged mother, Lily must accept that she'll never life a "normal life" in order to fulfill her true destiny.

The Advocate called Flutter "one of the best LGBT graphic novels of 2013".

328 page full color paperback
Dark Horse Comics, 2018

Diamond Code: JUN180345

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