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The Frantastic Four

The Frantastic Four

Sam Spina

Kilgore Books


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Meet Frankie Frantastic and his rag-tag crew consisting of an alien, a monster and a robot personal assistant as they try to make it in the world. It's not made for kids, but there's no bad words or anything! From the publishers of Noah Van Sciver's Blammo and Sam Spina, the creator of the Xeric granted Fight. The Frantastic Four has nothing to do with the Fantastic Four, they just happen to have similar names. It's a story of Frankie Frantastic, a space-man, teaming up with an alien, a monster and a robot as they try to... fight crime? Start a dance team? Do elementary school pep-talks? I dunno.

"I’m increasingly of the opinion that Sam can do no wrong, and this comic has damned near set that opinion in stone. Buy this comic, laugh a whole bunch of times, feel better about the world for a bit!" -- Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

"The Frantastic Four moves quickly beyond being a superhero pastiche and becomes something much weirder and more wonderful... Every step Spina takes subverts genre conventions in the silliest way possible." -- Rob Clough, High-Low

48 page black and white comic with color covers Kilgore Books, 2012

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