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The Milkman Murders

The Milkman Murders


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After an assault by a mysterious and monstrous milkman, a typical American housewife has finally had too much of her hideous, deranged family, in this twisted parody of a Norman Rockwell image as painted by serial-killing folk-artist John Wayne Gacy. She takes a simple word of advice from her idol, the perfect 1950's mom on her television screen-"Discipline."

Joe Casey (Superman, The Intimates, Wildcats) and Steve Parkhouse (Bojeffries Saga, The Invisibles) have created the most shocking of all Dark Horse's new brand of horror comics.

"The milk in this extremist suburban nightmare got its pallor from being bled white, and instead of crying over it being spilt, I found myself cringing. Neighbor, pull the drapes of your mind's eye while you still can." --Gary Butler, Rue Morgue Magazine

104 page full color paperback.
Dark Horse, 2005

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