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There's Something About a Train #6

There's Something About a Train #6

Hobo Lee



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11 or 12 years after Hobos from Hell began as "a joke, a slogan, and a tiny 8-page newsletter," it became this behemoth of a zine, celebrating the outlaw subculture of hobos and tramps who ride freight trains.

This issue includes some history and sociology of train-riding culture, and the rest are stories, photos, and drawings about waking up on trains in the desert or the forest, staying up all night waiting for a ride, drinking under a bridge, chance meetings with old friends, getting married at Portland's Church of Elvis, dancing and drumming and getting loud, getting lost, run-ins with the law, and so much more. Contributors include Greta Shred (Mudflap), Brakeshoe, Dan Beckman, Skot!, Bby Jake, George P. Hunt, Zen Hobo, Ericat, Wrong Way Dre, Billy Gott, D-Rail, Charles Willeford, NoDoze, Heather, and more. Plus all the usual zine reviews, music reviews, and the always-enlightening Hoboerotica spread

112 page zine
Microcosm edition, 2020
(originally published 1997)

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