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This Is My Bag CD + DVD

This Is My Bag CD + DVD

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"Picking up where the Lookout! Freakout series left off, This Is My Bag is the new budget sampler from Lookout Records, giving a snapshot of the Berkeley-based punk and indie rock label circa 2005. Fifteen songs later and it's pretty noticeable that the roster has shifted to lean more heavily on the indie rock side of things, and overall, some standouts include the ever-powerful Ted Leo (who donates two tracks here), Hockey Night's charming "For Guys' Eyes Only," the Reputation's "Face It," and the Mr. T Experience pop-punk goodie "She's Not a Flower”.” —Corey Apar, AllMusic

Last physical release by Lookout Records during it’s time as a label.


Audio CD

  1. The Oranges Band - Ride the Nuclear Wave
  2. Ted Leo/Pharmacists - Me & Mia
  3. Engine Down - Cover
  4. Troubled Hubble - Ear Nose & Throat
  5. Mary Timony - Friend to JC
  6. Hockey Night - For Guys Eyes Only
  7. The Reputation - Face It
  8. The Lashes - Death by Mixtape
  9. The Dollyrots - Kick Me To the Curb
  10. The Mr. T Experience - She's Not a Flower
  11. Ted Leo/Pharmacists - Loyal to my Sorrowful Country
  12. The Washdown - Right Foot
  13. Communiqué - Perfect Weapon
  14. Black Cat Music - Jet Trash
  15. The Dollyrots - Alpha Mansion

Video DVD

  • Engine Down - Cover
  • Communiqué - Perfect Weapon
  • Washdown - Right Foot
  • The Oranges Band - Finns for our Feet
  • Hockey Night - For Guys Eyes Only
  • Ted Leo/Rx - Me and Mia
  • Black Cat Music - The Jet Trash
  • The Dollyrots - Kick Me To the Curb
  • Troubled Hubble - Ear Nose & Throat
  • Communiqué - Cross Your Heart

Compiled By: Cathy Bauer
Design: Dynaformer

Lookout 317

15 track audio CD with 9 music video DVD
Lookout! Records, September 2005

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