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Tom Strong #7

Tom Strong #7

Alan Moore

Chirs Sprouse, Gary Frank, Cam Smith & Al Gordon

America's Best Comics

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Written by Alan Moore. Art by Chirs Sprouse, Gary Frank, Cam Smith and Al Gordon.

The conclusion of the 4-part epic that has seen Tom Strong run the gamut of enemies stretching from the primordial past into -- with this issue -- the staggering future of Millennium City. See the Tom Strong of the 21st century as he battles for his life alongside the Strongmen of America against a foe he cannot beat without destroying himself! See Pneuman, Solomon, Dhalua and Tesla as they will become! Best of all, see fan-favorite Gary Frank's and Cam Smith's incredible take on our triangle-torsoed titan in a stunning 8-page sequence!

32 page full color comic.
America's Best Comics, 2000

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