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Valerian and Laureline Vol. 9: Châtelet Station, Destination Cassiopeia

Valerian and Laureline Vol. 9: Châtelet Station, Destination Cassiopeia

Pierre Christin & J. C. Mezieres



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A difficult investigation across space and time. Our two spatio-temporal agents are on a new mission, but this time the duo is split up. While Laureline flies solo from planet to planet, on the trail of arms dealers and forbidden technologies, Valerian is on 20th century Earth, teamed up with the eccentric Mr Albert. And he, too, is hunting down technologies incompatible with the era. What is the link between the two cases, separated as they are by centuries and light-years?

Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin created Valerian in 1967 after working in the USA together, one as a cowboy, the other a teacher. While Valerian is Mézières’ only comic series, he has worked as an illustrator in many other areas, including designs and sets for The Fifth Element, and he was awarded the Grand Prix du festival d’Angoulême in 1984. Christin also works in collaboration with other artists including Tardi and Bilal and writes novels and film scripts.

48 page full color paperback
Cinebook, 2014

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